• Is Your Personal Injury Attorney Ripping You Off?

    Is your Personal Injury Attorney Ripping you off

    An auto accident is an unfortunate and traumatic event. Many people are unsure of what to do and who to speak to when they have been in an auto accident. Unfortunately, many gravitate to the first name they see on an advertisement as a first contact. This can be a very big mistake in many cases for many reasons.

    First and foremost, if you are injured seek care as soon as possible after the accident. A delay in care can be viewed as you not truly being injured by the insurance company. More importantly, undiagnosed injuries can be life threatening. Your health comes first!

    Secondly, picking an attorney name off the internet or from an advertisement is hit or miss at best. Law offices spend thousands if not millions of dollars on advertising just to get your attention. The money for this advertising comes from past clients like you! Some attorneys will charge 40% of gross settlement. Some will drop your case if a specific amount of property damage hasn’t been met. Do you know which attorneys do this? At our auto injury treatment office we know which attorneys are likely to: drop clients for low property damage, charge excessive fees, or not return phone calls.

    Notice it’s mentioned above that some attorneys take from “Gross” settlement. This is in contrast to “net” settlement. Here’s an example:

    $10,000 settlement with $4,000 in medical bills:

    Math with GROSS settlement:
    Attorney gets $4000
    Medical bills are $4000
    Client gets $2000

    Compared to math with NET settlement:
    Medical bills are $4000 that leaves a “Net” of $6000.
    Attorney who takes a “net” settlement will get $2,400 and
    the client will get $3600!!

    Notice with the example above the difference between signing with an attorney who takes Net vs Gross is the difference between the client getting more money and the attorney getting more money! Who was injured? Who should get more money?

    But, wait! There’s more! In the above case scenario the medical bills are being paid out of the settlement. What if the client has Medpay (Medical payments) on their auto accident policy? Let’s assume the client has $5,000 medpay coverage so all the medical bills are paid for.

    With Medpay coverage settlement amount the math is as follows:
    $10,000 settlement
    $4,000 to attorney
    $6,000 to client

    It stays the same whether the attorney takes their fees from the gross or net settlement.

    That leads us to discuss another attorney trick! When your medical provider charges your medpay they do not bill for filing the medpay with insurance. Some attorneys will advise their clients to let them file the medpay on the clients behalf. The attorney then charges the client hundreds of dollars to file for services provided by a doctor that would have filed the same claim for FREE! In some cases, the attorney will have the insurance company pay the fees to them and count it toward the settlement (monies collected)! In that scenario the math can be present as:

    $10,000 settlement with $400 medical bills
    $4,000 medpay collected
    Total of $14,000 recovered x 40%= $5,600 to attorney
    leaving $4,400 to client (as medpay was paid but attorney fee was
    based on recovered funds).

    Tricky math but, it results in more money to the attorney than if medpay had been billed for and paid directly to the medical provider! In addition, if the attorney charged $500 to bill the medpay, the attorney would get $6100 and the client would get $3900! Again, who was injured? Who should get more money?

    So how does one go about negotiating the “money side” of an auto injury case? Here is a summary of items to help you:

    • • Your health comes first. Always seek medical care if you are injured
    • • Have Medpay on your auto policy. It’s illegal for your premiums to be raised for using it. A good amount to have is at least the cost of your health insurance deductible. Medpay can only save you money.
    • • Don’t fall for the attorney advertisements. Find a medical provider that treats auto injuries and can refer you to an attorney.
    • • Don’t let you attorney charge you to file your medpay!
    • • Don’t let you attorney dictate the type of care you need. You can be “pain free without pills”TM. Some attorneys like to see prescription (opiate medications) prescribed as it helps the “value of your case”. This is often done with little or no regard to the patient’s health or the potential for addiction/dependence that comes with prescribing such medications.
    • • Agree to attorneys taking “net” settlements (getting paid after your medical and other bills have been paid) rather than gross settlements.
    • • Be cautious of big name law firms with large advertising budgets. The money for those advertisements came from other people’s injuries. If your accident isn’t catastrophic your case can get lost in the “big machinery” of a larger law firm
    • • Beware of law firms where you speak only to paralegals or phone calls don’t get returned promptly.

    There is also the question of: Do you really need an attorney? That’s a difficult question to answer. Many people will cite data that using an attorney results in larger settlements. However, when one takes into account the fees attorneys take from the settlement, the math of using an attorney may not be to the client’s advantage in a “smaller case”. If the medical bills are paid for and the insurance company offers a “fair” amount, why share 33-40% with an attorney?

  • Protecting Your Rights When You’re Injured in a Car Accident

    Automobile accidents cause approximately 20-50 million injuries each year in the United States. Car accident injuries can range from minor bumps and bruises to concussions, broken bones, and serious whiplash injury . If you have sustained a auto injury treatment in Marietta GA or the Greater Atlanta area, it is important to take steps to protect your rights in case you become involved in an injury claim. Auto Injury Treatment

    Call the Police

    Immediately following the accident, call the police to the scene, even if the other parties involved do not want to take this step. Calling the police will ensure that there is an impartial and complete report of the crash on record, which can be vital evidence when making a personal injury claim to receive reparations for your accident injury.

    Take Pictures

    Taking pictures at the scene of the accident can help to substantiate your claims during a legal examination. If you are able, take photographs of the scene immediately after the accident to establish the placement of the vehicles; you should also take photos of the damage to the vehicles as well, which can help when reconstructing the events that led up to and occurred during the accident.

    Visit Your Doctor

    If you think you have sustained any type of injury during a car crash, it is vital to visit your doctor as soon as possible for a full evaluation. During this visit, make sure your physician keeps a detailed record of your injuries and any medical treatment he recommends, as you will need to submit this information as evidence if you make a claim. Additionally, you may need to schedule an independent medical exam as part of your case. An independent medical exam is an exam performed by a licensed independent medical examiner that has no history with you as a patient, unlike your personal physician. During this exam, the physician will perform a full evaluation of your health and an assessment of the medical treatment recommended to you to confirm that you were injured in the accident and should receive compensation for your medical expenses.

  • Tips for Managing Pain After a Car Accident Injury

    Auto Injury Treatment such as internal trauma and herniated discs can be excruciating, but there are effective ways of preserving your quality of life while you’re recovering. First, go to a clinic that specializes in offering medical care for car accident injury. Not only will this give you peace of mind that you’re receiving the best medical care available in Atlanta, but your clinic may also help you coordinate your benefits and refer you to nearby specialists if need be. Auto Injury Treatment


    Medications can be helpful for managing the symptoms of acute injuries . If your auto accident injury required surgery, you’ll probably be prescribed powerful narcotics. It’s important to practice good medication management to reduce your risk of a potentially fatal overdose and opioid addiction. If you have any concerns about your use of medications, be sure to raise them with your healthcare provider. Anti-inflammatory medications can also be helpful for car accident injuries. As your pain lessens, it may be well controlled with over-the-counter drugs instead of prescription medications.

    At-Home Care

    Take good care of yourself to facilitate your recovery and ease your pain. Your doctor may recommend that you apply cold compresses to the injured areas for the first 72 hours. After this point, consider alternating cold compresses with heating pads. Depending on your type of injury and the location of the body part, you may find compression garments helpful for reducing swelling and easing tight muscles. Don’t try to do too much around your home; follow your doctor’s discharge instructions regarding any activity restrictions.

    Massage Therapy

    Car crash injuries aren’t only painful; they can also be highly stressful. With massage therapy, you can address both of these problems. A relaxing massage will ease muscle tension and strip away painful adhesions while soothing your mental stress.

  • Different Types of Car Accident Injuries

    Automobile accidents in Marietta GA and Atlanta can inflict trauma on any part of the body. Although a major car wreck does lend itself to the most severe injuries, even a minor fender bender can result in chronic pain. It’s advisable for car accident victims to seek Auto Injury Treatment immediately, even if they do not think that their injuries are severe. Undergoing a medical exam by a qualified medical doctor also benefits car accident victims when it’s time to file a claim for compensation.

    Auto Injury Treatment

    Neck and Back Injuries

    One of the most common types of car accident injuries is whiplash. Whiplash is a group of symptoms that arise due to soft tissue damage to the neck. When a car accident occurs, the force of the impact can cause the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves to become hyperextended. This causes the development of small tears in the tissue and can lead to neck pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. In severe cases, whiplash can lead to chronic pain and additional symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and impaired concentration. The other structures of the spine in the neck and down the back may also sustain damage from the trauma of the car accident. Another type of injury often seen in these patients is disc herniation, which occurs when the inner material of an intervertebral disc protrudes out of its normal position, where it can compress nerves and cause pain.

    Head Trauma

    Head trauma is another common example of a car accident injury. When drivers or passengers are not wearing their seatbelts, they may be ejected from the car through the windshield and suffer from severe head trauma . Even when individuals do wear their seatbelts, the brain can sustain damage from striking the steering wheel or dashboard.

    Torso Injuries

    When a car accident occurs and the individual is wearing his or her seatbelt, the force of the impact propels the body forcefully against the seatbelt. Although seatbelts do save lives, during a car crash they may cause internal injuries to the torso such as broken ribs, collapsed lungs, and internal bleeding.

  • All About Acupuncture and Injury

    Acupuncture and Injury were founded in 2009 with the vision of meeting specific healthcare needs in Marietta GA and in the Atlanta area. Our Acupuncture and Injury highly experienced and compassionate providers provide unparalleled care to individuals who have sustained Auto Injury Treatment, slip and fall injuries, and injuries from workplace accidents. Our medical and Pain Management Doctors understand the unique needs of accident patients, including the link between serious or chronic injuries and substance abuse. We offer compassionate drug Addiction Treatment In Georgia, along with the care of the original injury. At Suboxone Treatment Centers, patients can also access hormone replacement therapy in Atlanta, following the completion of initial lab work.

    Dr. Granger and the rest of our team have more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare field. We are dedicated to making quality healthcare accessible for all by offering affordable pricing, a convenient location, and minimal wait times. In the event that a patient’s medical care needs call for attention from a specialist, our center works closely with a local network of specialists, including chiropractors.