• What are the benefits of acupuncture over pain pills?

    Low THC And CBD OIL

    Why do you do this?

    In our office we provide Opioid Addiction Treatment Services, auto injury treatment, pain management, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and acupuncture. A question I am being asked more often is: “Why do you do this?”. The question is often asked in regard to acupuncture. The questions has never been asked of me in regard to prescribing medicines or addiction treatment. It’s odd when one considers that, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years before prescription medicines or treatment for addiction were present.

    Why opiates with their higher side effect profile and complication rates are chosen over acupuncture is a marketing and monetary issue that benefits the pharmaceutical industry more so than the individual patient. As I often say; “Nobody has overdosed from acupuncture”.

    My position is that, opiates should be used as a last resort not a primary or knee jerk reaction to get a patient out of the office or a quick fix for their pain. Acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic ALL have the benefit of addressing the underlying issue without the risk of medication side effects (to include an overdose).

    So, “why do I do this?” Simply, to safely make patients “pain free without pillsTM. How I got started is: the real question. After treating auto injury patients primarily with prescription medications along side chiropractors for a number of years, I noticed a few things. One, I was only masking pain during chiropractic treatment. Two, the medical profession as a whole isn’t set up to treat pain other than masking it with pills. Many times insurance companies will deny physical therapy and sometimes deny surgery to patients in need. There are also times when these interventions fail. Some times, patients are limited to the number of visits that an insurance company will pay for. After looking at the situation, I began looking for a way to contribute to bringing pain relief to patients in an effective and economical way.

    I have been practicing Chinese martial arts since 2007. This led me to look at acupuncture as a modality to treat patients. After researching the additional training required, I decided to obtain the training and add acupuncture as a treatment modality in my office.

    My staff and I are happy to introduce acupuncture to our personal injury addiction medicine, and pain management patients. It’s not always without obstacles. We have had attorneys and chiropractors ask us NOT to perform acupuncture. Yet, these same attorneys and chiropractors have never asked us NOT to prescribe opiates! As we have been providing Addiction Treatment And Recovery Services in Marietta, Georgia for a number of years we see then potential harm that opiates cause. The aforementioned attorneys and chiropractors have monetary interests, as they want “conventional treatment to add to the value of the case”. We favor putting the patients health as the primary concern. The medical community as a whole will prescribe opiates BEFORE acupuncture, physical therapy or chiropractic. Unfortunately, the number of physicians prescribing opiates far out numbers the referrals made for opiate addiction treatment. The result is our current opiate epidemic.

    Our goal is to make patients “pain free without pillsTM. Currently, we offer acupuncture as well as Low THC oil registration (for qualified patients) to receive pain and decrease opiate use. Our hope is that chiropractors, medical doctors, lawmakers and insurance companies will see the reasoning in our approach and make our services more accessible. In the mean time, we offer a number of reasonably priced cash pay packages for people whose insurance will not cover their treatment. Remember, our first acupuncture treatment and consultation is FREE! We also have veterans’ discounts!

  • Low THC and CBD OIL: What’s all the hype about??

    Low THC And CBD OIL

    From Opioid Treatment Centers to Pain Management Doctors there are many patients asking questions about Low THC oil and CBD oil. The first question is: What’s the difference between CBD oil and Low THC oil? CBD and THC are both Cannabinoids. THC is the more psychoactive (high producing) compound. There are many Cannabinoids each having different attributes.

    Here is a short list summarized from a list available on www.georgiacannabis.org :

    THC- Psychoactive and pain relieving effects
    CBD- Has many medical benefits attributed to it and nonpyschoactive
    CBN-Non psychoactive with a sedative effect
    THCA– Anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects
    THCV– Believed to be an appetite suppressant helpful with metabolic disorders including diabetes.
    CBG-Shows promise in treating glaucoma, inflammatory bowel disease and MRSA infections

    There are a large number of Cannaboids each having different properties. There are a number of people who have had benefits of using Low THC oil. The state of Georgia has recognized this and allows for patients with certain conditions to be certified by a registered physician and be issued  a “Low THC oil card”. This card allows people to possess Low THC oil for certain medical conditions without fear of criminal prosecution or what I call a “don’t go to jail card”. It should be emphasized that this card is only valid for Low THC Oil and NOT marijuana in a leaf form obtained illegally or from other states.

    Conditions that patients may be registered for include:

    -ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
    -Seizure Disorder
    -Crohn’s disease
    -Mitochondrial disease
    -Parkinson’s  disease
    -Sickle Cell Disease
    -Tourette’s Syndrome
    -Peripheral Neuropathy
    -Patients in hospice care
    -Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    -Intractable Pain

    In a recent Special NEWSWEEK Edition title: The Ultimate CBD Handbook. There were a number of quotes from people who have used CBD oil to treat a number of conditions.

    “Some people report results at 5mg and others need more like 250-1000mg. There are studies where the dosage was in the 6,000mg range with no ill effects, so we still have much to learn about how much is necessary to use. It has a long half-life, so repeated daily dosing will have a cumulative benefit.”

    – Katie Stearn

    “It was incredibly effective at dealing with everything I previously used Ibuprofen, coffee,Adderall or alcohol to deal with..”

    – Brad Bogus

    “ After about a month of ingesting a 10 mg dose of CBD tincture under my tongue twice a day, I gradually felt a sense of calm and relaxation. From there, I slowly weaned down off of my anxiety prescriptions.”

    – Randi Sether

    Laws are changing and vary from state to state. In Georgia, there are state residency requirements and stipulations about the relationship between the physicians and patient after a card is issued. For more information visit: http://www.dph.georgia.gov.

    CBD oil registration is just another addition to our modalities to get you” pain free without pills” Please feel free to  call our office at 678-247-2115 for more information. Don’t forget our first acupuncture and injury visit is FREE and we provide addiction treatment and recovery services in addition to treating pain and injuries.